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Dating is a very personal and sophisticated business that needs an individual approach. And any advice is unlikely to be relevant and can help here. If there is a genuine bond between the two people, then he or she will survive despite the difficulties of the early stages of dating, but if these difficulties were too high or the relationship failed for other reasons, any attempts at adaptation would not help. The worst thing that such tips can cause is to spoil the relationship further, even if at first everything might be better. And about German and American culture, the difference is not significant; if two people are not too open to overcome these misunderstandings, then such relationships have no chance of surviving.

Basic German Dating Rules

For most German people, some cultural nuances sometimes lead to alienation. Why not try to avoid this? Here are practical tips and advice for American people about dating German people.

Be Straightforward

German women are outspoken, and they don’t like those who beat around the bush. They favor direct questions in any way and support people who speak their minds freely. Germans are rarely offended by these types of questions, and they surely give you the same straightforward answer. But if you are having a first date, or have just met each other, it is best not to ask personal questions.

German Dating Rules

Pay the Bills

The gender role in Germany is not as active as in America or Sweden. While in both countries you have to divide the invoice into two, in Germany everything is fine if you pay the whole law. If you have conservative thoughts and your boyfriend is up-to-date, and he thinks why he should pay the entire bill, then you should discuss this. But there are men for whom giving a girl pay her statement is an insult to their pride.

In general, different situations can occur. If you are dating a person under 25, you will need to split the bill. You can’t expect a guy, mainly a student, to pay for your food because he doesn’t have a steady income yet.


The Germans live inequality between men and women. But this is not the case when they go out to eat. The German people split the rent of the house equally between a man and a woman. They also see themselves as strong and independent, so you will rarely see a man open the door to a woman. Not because they care, but because men see that women can do it themselves. Also, women do not have a privilege in public places, so if you are the last person to take a seat on the bus, no one will offer your position to you, even if you are a pregnant woman.

German Dating Customs

Dating etiquette has its customs and traditions that all German people adhere to. If you are a foreigner, you should learn them.

They Never Lie

Each country has its way of showing politeness. While politeness in other countries means not offending someone, the Germans do not. To avoid hurting other people, we often resort to the so-called “white lie.” This means that we may pretend to welcome someone very much, but in fact, we are not so keen on it. The Germans never do such things. They describe politeness as respect. And respect that means always telling the truth, not deceiving because later it will still be revealed.

When you date German, don’t expect him to say only good things about you. For example, you have a first date, and you just met and asked him how you look. If he tells you are beautiful, then it is true. But if he says for example, that you have too much makeup, then take it seriously and make it into account next time.

They Have a Sense of Humor

Although the Germans seem like they do not like to spend their time unreasonably, they have a sense of humor. The first impression of the Germans may be that they have no fun, but as soon as you get closer to them and get comfortable with you, they love silly jokes as much as Americans do. They may have a slightly different sense of humor, but everyone’s laughter and smile are all the same.

But they have some limit to their jokes. They don’t make jokes about their country’s dark history, so never say Hitler’s name around them as a joke. They will tell you everything you want in their story, but they will never take it as a joke.

German Online Dating

Finding love online has become a new trend in the dating world later, including Germany. They usually accept the search for a partner through online dating sites, but not to find out in 6 months that something was wrong. Because of this, they do not take the internet partner too seriously and prefer real-life search instead.

Germans have their own culture when it comes to dating. If you are interested in dating one of the German women, this new information on their culture is essential and useful to you. It is not an absolute culture that everyone in Germany adheres to, as each person has his or her unique character and way of thinking and behavior when given. These are just everyday things that these people can do when dating. This may be good knowledge of German culture, and you will be able to date a German woman.


There are specific rules in dating in Germany that people who want to have a relationship with Germans must adhere to. These customs are not complicated, because they are more similar to the usual rules of conduct, but do not forget about them.

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